Saturday, February 10, 2007

Value and Wisdom of the Crowd

Some nice entries from Kareem Mayan's Weblog.

1. "The value in media will be in companies that will grow audiences, not in companies that control content" - Vinod Khosla, Sun Founder/Venture Capitalist

2. "The best way to build a business is to help other people make money" - Rick Skrenta, Topix.Net

3. " A lot of our successes don't have anything to do with anything our executives thought were a good idea." - Sergey Brin, Google Founder

4. ""eBay has 150M customers, in the nicest terms, that's 150M people who have learned to trust strangers." Pierre Omidyar

5. ""We thought that anybody who came to a concert had equity. They took part in the creation of the music." - Mickey Hart, Grateful Dead

If web2.0 is about consumer empowerment, each of these need to be thought through carefully and fleshed out. More later.

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