Sunday, September 26, 2010

OFCCP Compliance

I recently came across an alarming email from a job board claiming to be the sole authority on OFCCP compliance programs. The email struck a chord with our team at America’s Job Exchange (AJE) because it virtually discredited all other providers who offer similar services. While we respect our competitors and understand the impetus to attract attention to their products, we feel compelled to clarify so that misconceptions are not formed due to such misleading communications from this job board.
Government Gives you a Choice: When it comes to reporting diversity recruitment efforts, the rules are actually very simple: the government gives you a choice and doesn’t endorse one service provider over another. As an employer, you can field the reporting yourself, OR you may use an on-line recruiting provider to help you with the administrative chores of posting, distributing, and record-keeping. If you choose to outsource your reporting duties, there are several choices available. We would invite you to consider America’s Job Exchange which remains the industry leader for compliance services, as it has been since the inception of on-line recruiting through the America’s Job Bank program.
Planning for OFCCP Compliance: While documenting and reporting your diversity recruiting should be top of mind, so should seeking out candidates that are emblematic of the definition of diversity. It is our goal at AJE to help you not only configure a plan of action for OFCCP compliance but also to ensure that your company is recruiting diverse employees, and is established as an employer of choice for these unique groups. And AJE is the only job board that can lay claim to both of these initiatives.
At AJE, we offer a variety of solutions to fulfill your recruitment goals. With our large pool of job seekers from minorities, women, veterans, and candidates with disabilities, AJE has rapidly become the premier source for not only OFCCP distribution and reporting, but also for employers looking to gain access to a candidate pool rich in diversity and experience.
But don’t just take our word for it. Please go to our website and read the testimonials from some of our hundreds of SMBs and Fortune 500 clients who have made AJE their go-to source for diversity recruiting and OFCCP compliance services. As a 15-year veteran in this industry, we feel it’s our duty to educate our customers on the veracity of claims laid out by other job boards who seek out clients through propaganda-style advertising or an exaggeration of their outreach.
The process of proactive diversity recruiting and reporting to the OFCCP can be a daunting task for any employer, regardless of size. It doesn’t help if you are bombarded by salespeople that may provide misleading information and claims. At AJE, we have hired specialized coordinators to assist you with your compliance queries. Even if you are not a client of AJE, we welcome your questions and input. Please call one of our specialists anytime at 1-866-923-8284.

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